unreal 5 how to import PBC file?

CitySample porject

It works with Rule Processor Plugins.
In the case of CitySample, A is already enabled, so it can be driven from the Menu-Window-Rule Processor item.

This is also an Alembic-based point cloud file. Make a copy of the extension after it, not .pbc.If you replace it with abc, you can see the inside configuration on other tools (like Houdini).

Thanks Dsharp,
yeap,i opened the RuleProcessor from window, but when i try to run to load the mapping which inclued the default pbc files , it shows nothing. I double checked the pbc files, it’s fine . So this confuses me . Do you make it works?
By the way , i tried another solution which is load the cell from world partition , it shows the baked elements actor , but when i load the Mapping(buildings, parks or cars PBC), it takes longer time to process, then the actor which i loaded before disappear. It’s weird. Could you give me a hand ? Thanks

I don’t know if this will help, but in my case, everything was working normally as I intended.
If you’re turn off the data layer, you might want to check this out. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help.

emm…it works for you , that’s cool. Did you change anything or just open the scene after downloaded from Epic? check this attachment video~~ it doesn’t work. :thinking:

issue with Rule Processor to load files

I solve it, make sure the path of your .pbc file doesn’t contain any Non-english characters