[Unreal 5] Crashed after clicking "Play" button. Reopen and cannot find my C++ class.

The engine crashed after clicking “Play” button.
Then I reopened it, but found that one C++ class disappeared from the editor.
It is there in both MyProject\Source\MyProject\Private and MyProject\Source\MyProject\Public` folders.
And when I try to create a new C++ class with the same name, the editor notify me that a class with the same name already exists.
But I just cannot find it in content browser.
And when clicking “Add” button to attach this component to a pawn, I cannot find it in the dropdown either.
Please help. Thanks in advance!

Turned out I had to delete the Binaries folder and restart the project.
But I don’t quite understand why this bug still exists in the 5th version of this engine.