Unreal 5 and Composure - No antialiasing?


in my latest tests I’ve noticed that Composure doesn’t output the scene with AA, even tho I switched to the classic TAA, with the latest version of the engine.

Am I missing something or is it yet to be implemented?

Thank you.

Same problem here. UE5’s 2d scene captures appear very noisy. Especially apparent when going out of focus.

Edit: this actually seems related for me to the skylight. Anti-aliasing seems to be affecting it when I tick/untick the advanced show flag “temporal AA (instead of FXAA)”

I cannot make this to work and I am running out of ideas. I don’t even know if it is a known bug or something we are missing.
I think this could be something related to the new anti aliasing implementation, that maybe broke something in the blueprint that controls the thing. I don’t know.
Any news?

bonjour a tous, idem que vous les amis, mais j’ai remarquer que si je met le render scale a 2 cela améliore mais ne l’enlève pas, si vous avez une solution ou une autre idée je suis également intéresser

Just a wild guess… can this be related to Blackmagic plugin? Do you use Blackmagic cards?

Ok, I have some news. I realize that the lack of anti aliasing happens only in editor, but when I hit play the output is shown with AA correctly.

Now I have to find out why this happening.