Unreal 5.1 - Landscape Visibility material and collision misaligned


As you can see in the image the collision and rendering of invisible cells in the landscape are offset by about half a grid cell. Is this a common problem with a solution or is this a bug introduced in 5.1? I just updated my project from 5.0 and this problem wasn’t a problem there.


Hey there @Wahooney! I’m seeing a number of issues with landscapes migrations.

A couple questions:

Have they just been shifted positionally, destroyed, or otherwise made invisible?

In your original project, and this one, could you compare the location details of the proxies that are shifted?

Does it look a bit like this thread? migration to ue 5.1 - #4 by mihas49


My landscape is very simple compared to the example you linked, and so far the only difference I see since 5.0 is that the mask that clips the landscape geometry visually and the hole in the collider is offset from each other.

I gotcha, I’m just theorizing while I’m reinstalling 5.1 and testing landscape migrations. I’ll be setting up some test examples that will help determine if it’s just all landscape being offset or some wild bug that will be a pain. Your landscape is using edit layers correct?


Alright, sorry about the late response! I was unable to replicate this specific issue besides the visibility issues. This was only on the world partition world and once I unloaded and reloaded the proxies it corrected itself.

I think this may actually warrant a bug report for the migration to 5.1.