Unreal 4 works at Thunder Cloud Studio

Good day everyone!
We are experimenting UR4 in our workflow. We love to share our works and learn from the community.

Here is our last update
Another game environment design for game Defenders of the : Shipwreck

Turn table shipwreck


Some snap shots



pirate village is our first work using UR4. is a game environment level we create for Defenders of the game.
Client: Atomic Chimp
We are responsible of creating the whole level based on initial concept given by client Atomic Chimp. The pirate village is built from individual modular assets. is one of several environments we created for the game. More will come in the future

Client concept:

Turn table pirate house:

We use Maya to model, texture and populate the scene with various types of model.

We use Unreal Engine 4 for real time demo, lighting and camera setup and animation.

Using UE4, we can cut a lot of time in rendering and post processing to achieve the look and feel we want
Break down
Here is the components that make up the scenes

Village rendering

Some of our snap shots

Loving the Cartoony look to the game! it is giving me a world of Warcraft feel which i like.

Very nice … love the style. Good job … looking forward to seeing more. 8-}

Very cute! toony and detailed.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

For a waterfront the roofs are too saturated. Some greenery will balance the cartoony look.
Good job though.

Loving the Style!
Keep it Up! :slight_smile:

Really nice. Want to see some of those other levels too! Impressive!

. Uh, i’m in love!

Nice stuff.

Possibly I would change the color of the windows during day as it suggest some kind of interior lighting hard to sell in daylight condition even in a cartoony context.

I would also tune down some contrast in values and saturation using colors in more neutral and safer ranges(similar to these in concept) as math generally screw on extreme values especially on certain shader, lighting, post process or overlayed fx mix.

looks guys! Great art style and really well done, nice work. Look forward to seeing more in the future! :slight_smile:

Thanks Errvald, you are right, we’d have color-correct it :slight_smile:

Thanks, as is our first unreal showcase so we missed some steps. Post processing could be done nicer :slight_smile:

Very cool! Dig that art style a lot, colouring is .

Looks excellent! :smiley:

Nice job! But I have to agree with others, these color values seem a little extreme, guess it’s because you had to follow the concept.
Hope you don’t mind me giving a shot at bringing it down a bit)

Thanks for your comment. We had gain alot of experience from our first project with UE4 :slight_smile:

[update] another environment we created for game Defender of the
Name: shipwreck

Detail modulars: