UNREAL 4 - Where to fin Unreal 4 and Epic logos? (.obj or .fbx) i need them for the intro animation.

Hi, I canot find Unreal 4 and Epic logo, i need those meshes in .obj or .fbx to create the intro animation at my 3d design software… or… are there any already pre-desigend Unreal intro short clips with the logo?.. aniway i Will preffer the meshes.


Have you checked Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine ? Lots of logos and clips.

Thanks but i could only find images, and simple clips and i wanted Unreal and Epic logo´s mesh to create a custom video, with flames and effects… But i guess i Will have to make the logo in blender.

But that page says that in case of custom treatments to the Unreal Logo you need an aproval… and they answer the support messages after … forever…. :frowning:

I’m certain the mesh is in the Blueprint Examples project on the learning tab.

… but, I wouldn’t recommend using it without permission. It is a trademark and you need the owners permission to use it.