Unreal 4 - sometimes controllers don't work?


I use a Focus 3 Headset and Unreal 4.26.2

I don’t understand why sometimes, even if VR view works, I can’t use the controllers (by doing the same things).

I use this tool :



first of all I add a “Motion Controller Map” and secondly I close unreal, copy/paste the plugin file with wave sdk in the file of the project : Latest - Developer Resources

Thus, I open the project and launch VR. By doing this, I always see the VR view in the headset, but sometimes controllers work and sometimes they don’t.

PS : I tried to use “SteamVR input” option, but no change appeared (and I don’t know to use it) ; Steam VR plugin is activated


Could you please help me ?

ps : the headset works well with steamVR and Vive Streaming

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

Thanks in advance for your return.