Unreal 4 makes a MASSIVE cache over time in my C drive, while i have it installed in a different drive

Unreal 4 creates this MASSIVE cache in my C: drive (my SSD) and it uses up about 11 gb… I delete it every time and it does nothing at all. It just hogs up space. I delete it, and everything is fine. I get no errors, nothing. Just 11 gb of… i dont know, how would i fix this?

Is it called the DerivedDataCache or something close?

No, its titled “Epic Games” and is put in my local folder. I deleted it already 2 times and it does nothing. No engine errors, nothing.

Odd. No other directories inside of Epic Games?

I had this issue when I imported some problem assets in to my project (Very large textures).

In the end I closed down the editor, renamed the folder, opened the editor back up again and it made a nice clean version of the folder for me. I just deleted the old “DerivedDataCache” folder and carried on as normal.

I did see a mention of being able to relocate the folder elsewhere here Hourences.com – Tutorials – UE4 Quick first tips but I haven’t got around to doing it yet.

Edit: I see this may not be related to your issue since you mention another folder that I don’t have on my machine “Epic Games”.

Edit 2: It does sound like this is related now since you are seeing the engine version folders. Inside the one for the version you use you should find the “DerivedDataCache” folder I mentioned. For some reason your folder is called “Epic Games”, mine is called “UnrealEngine”.

There is. The engine versions titled 4.9 (the one i am using) and strange enough, 4.11 as well. (never used it) and i would provide an image but i deleted it recently… Give it about 2 days and it will be back.

Hmm, i guess i will just keep deleting it… its fine if it does not effect me, ya know?

Mine is called EPIC GAMES too… Under that is all the versions that I have…

Go inside EPIC GAMES\4.9\ENGINE and see if you see DerivedDataCache…

Its only an issue because my SSD is running out of space. Thanks anyway tho :stuck_out_tongue: