Unreal 4 Landscape Wireframe?

In UDK you could enable a blue wireframe onto the terrain so it was easier to sculpt terrain, I cannot find the option to enable it on UE4 does anybody know?

thank you

Hi JoeeyIreland,

To get a wireframe view, go to your viewport and select Lit for a dropdown box. In here you can select the wireframe view.

Thank you for response but that is not what im looking for, that turns the whole scene wireframe. The option i was looking for was the tessellation wireframe for the landscape itself look in the picture below (This was in UDK) if this feature is not available in UE4 then it needs to be because it made sculpting the terrain in UDK so much easier because you could see the the little details in the hills and whatever else you were making. Please consider re adding this feature if it is not already in the engine.
Thank you!

Hi JooeyIreland,

Unfortunately that functionality does not currently exist in the editor. The good news, however, is that we are going to get it implemented! I don’t have an exact timeframe on this but look for it in a future update.

For anyone searching this in the future, you can keybind “Wireframe on top” under Landscape Editor keybinds. I did not find a gui switch to toggle it, however.