UNREAL 4 - Is it possible to use Marketplace products with a new account or should i tranfer first ?

Hi, i´m developing a game at my current account, BUT… i dont want to use my personal account to release games or make like… forum posts about it, i just want my account to develop them, so i prefer to create a new account with a company name to be more profesional, but what happens to all plugins or products i bought at this account? do i need to transfer them to the new account, and how? or i can keep them here since this is the account i Will use for delvelopment and wont have any problem if i just use the other account for release and promo? i dont want any legal problem LOL.

What you recommend? Steps please, I´m kind of confused since its my first time making a game and dont know if i made a mistake by buying Marketplace products with my personal account.

I would recommend you to use your new account. It’s not a big deal, actually, and everything will be fine.

You’ll probably want to contact Epic support and transfer your content licenses to the new account. (Mostly for the sake of making them easier to manage)

I am interested in the answer as well. Can the staff please answer his inquiry publicly?

As far as I know, the license allows you to make the purchased assets available to any other accounts within your development team, there is no requirement to have the assets bound to the account that will be used to release the game.

That sounds awesome! So, if some one thinks a game is using a plugin from their own and think this user did not buy it, the person that bought it, is the one that can prove that the plugin was bought by him, even do the account that releases the game doesn´t have the plugin it still can use it as long as one of the developer have it? well it sounds cool

If that´s the case that´s really awesome news… but has some one had that experience?

Q: Can I share products with my team?](
**A: **Yes, you can share Marketplace products with your team but only for the limited purpose of the project that you are jointly developing. Content pooling or sharing products between developers outside of your organization is prohibited. Team members also cannot use products in an unlimited fashion for their own projects.

Q: What can a customer do with my product?](
**A: **All products sold on the Marketplace are licensed to the customer (who may be either an individual or company) for the lifetime right to use the content in developing an unlimited number of products and in shipping those products. The customer is also licensed to make the content available to employees and contractors for the sole purpose of contributing to products controlled by the customer. Each such product built using content purchased from the Marketplace must be a standalone creative work (such a game, simulation, or video) in which the Marketplace product is merely a component and not the primary focus.