UNREAL 4 - How to Possess an AI character´s camera, without AI to stop working? - Image attached


I want to possess of my AI character just to be able to focus to its camera and then be able to rotare around mycharacter while it is in patrol mode… my problem is that when my AI character gets possessed it looses all AI behaviours because my character´s controllers also get possessed… I want to posses my character just to be able to use its camera (like a focus to character feature) while it´s still controlled by AI, how can i do it?

Here my Possession config:

I belive the problem is the target “get player controllerr” but there is no way to get the armspring of my character into my my main character BP, “posses” doesn´t allowe it, and if i change actor class to camera, Posses says it canot handle it either.

What can i do?

If you just want to see what the AI sees u dont have to posees him. Just make a camera inside it and then use set view target or smthing like this.

As DarkEnergy mentioned, there is function SetViewTargetWithBlend to “change” the camera you are using. Personally, I have never tested it on AI, but it should work as with any other actor.

Use the same function, if you want to switch back to your pawn.

It worked great, BUT i canot use the camera, meaning i cannot get control of the camera´s rotation or transforms, i can only see throught it without been able to move with it around the character by using its spring arm.

What i really want is use this camera not just to focus the character but to rotate around, like the way you do in any program with select-focus, well at least it´s a progresss

Thanks a lot man!

Facing a similar problem. Did you figure out how to take control of the camera?

You can create CameraActor, Add as Child Actor in your character. And Posssess CameraActor, so your controls from CameraActor will work.