UNREAL 4 - How to "on component begin overlap" actor B, by "line trace for objects" from actor A?

Hi, i want character B to trigger an “on component begin overlap” whenever Character A hits B with a line trace for objects, is it posssible?

The main reason why, is that i want to create an UI widget for every enemy, but since each enemy has different stats and pictures, i want each enemy widget to be triggered by been overlaped, so every time my main character looks at an enemy (hits it with the line trace for object), the UI of this enemy is going to appear on screen because it was overlaped.

Please help with BP images if posible or share better suggestions

You dont need to trigger from the begin overlap.

Just do a linetrace and if you hit the object you want then show the widget in the hud.

Agreed with OptimisticMonkey, just to add… I would place an interface on the enemy object, so player pawn initiates ray trace, ray trace hit result broken out hit object connects interface which displays/hides widget attached to enemy.