UNREAL 4 - How to make an AI character to disappear slowly after they get killed?


How you make an AI character to slowly disappear after they get killed? i wonder how to do this because right know my game has lots of dead bodies making a mess… i wish this bodies to dissapear slowly after 10 seconds… or if better… disappear but leaving a bones mesh…that will be cool.

Share BP images please.


just a few thoughts:

… its extra effort and it will use performance: you could use a opacity controlled or blended material effect, that makes them fade away to invisible… maybe revealing a bones mesh inside

… the easy and high performance way: just make them disappear once they are out of camera view

One way is to just have them move into the ground. After a delay lerp to a location 100 units below ground level, then destroy actor

You could spawn a bone mesh inside the mesh before you move the body into the ground so it would kind of look like it was leaving bones behind

… you could also make the meshes flicker by turning them on and off… faster and faster… until they disappear

oooh… I have a really good idea… maybe when the body is offscreen… or hidden with a particle effect flash… replace the mesh with a particle effect (if you are clever, shape the particle effect to each body’s ragdoll shape)… it could be like a glow that fades to nothing… or a teleport-like effect fading out… if you like, reveal the bones after the particle effect

Check out this video… it does exactly that; replace mesh with particle effect using Niagara Particles. I was able to use that concept and have my characters “disintegrate” once dead. I now have to find a process to have the skeletal mesh fade out instead of just turning off visibility. Hope this helps!

Check this out!