UNREAL 4 - How to jump option A and choose B from a Flip Flop node?

Hi, i have a secondary action in my project that has to choose B from a flip flop, no idea how to do it, every time, Flip flop chooses A first, wich is ok as a normal action, but in this case this external action has to make that Flip FLop to always choose B, either next turn is A or B. I canot just plug to the action that follows B… because if i do, then next time can be B again… because Flip Flip Will alwasy cotinue with the next.

Please help

A quick idea would be to create a boolean variable called “First press?”. Run the event through a branch checking “First press”, if it is first press is True then run the B logic without triggering the Flip Flop. After that logic turn off the “First Press” boolean and go ino the flip flop. You are going to have to re-set your “First Press” somehow though. Play around with Booleans, Branches, and DO N variables. There is probably a better way to achieve what you are trying to do altogether once you get familiar with it.