UNREAL 4 - How to create wrestling interaction specially for holds?

Hi, i want to understand how to create interaction between 2 character in a wrestling hold for example, this will require character A to make Character B react to an specific animation, it is not about a push or hit reaction… its grabing, holding, raise another character, Character B has to allow Character A to take control for those seconds and react perfectly to character A animations, I use Maya for animation and characters, creating interacion as an animation would be easy, but how to make it work at Unreal 4… I dont know, or how to do this when two player playing, one for each carácter, or allow AI to take place of one, so weird that there is so Little information about it, and i do belive Unreal 4 can do this.

I havent found any video tutorial at YouTube, only hit reaction like boxing… do you know one? please help