UNREAL 4 - How do you import additional morph targets to a mesh already imported to UE?

I use Maya 2018 to create morph targets “blendshapes”, and when i sent my figure to Unreal, it automatically added these 10 morph targets “blendshapes”; right now my character has almost everything done in UE, but… now i want to add 25 new morph targets “blendshapes” to that figure but i cant find any option to upload them… so i guess i will have to re-import my whole figure again with all new morph targets… but i worry this will damage my current work…

How do you import aditional morph targets to a mesh already imported to Unreal?

Please help

I don’t think this is possible we asked same question a few weeks ago no answer

Why right-click character mesh and “reimport asset” would damage current work?

I’d do this often and I never experienced any issues.

I just tried… indeed topology had no problem updating by reimport assets… but… it did not ad the new morph targets…

I tested importing this mesh to a new folder just to check if morphs where exported and they did… so pressing “reimpot asset” just changes topology of mesh…but it doesn´t import the new morph targets from Maya… awefull

Bassicaly i have to re import the whole thing and do everything again just to add new morph targets… i think this is a good oportunity for Dev team to help users by also allowing to import also new morph targets on Unreal 4.19 by pressing reimport asset or adding a way to do it manually.

Do you still have the previous morph targets?
Including the new ones, which is the total amount of morph targets? There is a limit which is inferior of the total amount allowed in Maya.

Yes, i finally discovred that it did work, BUT i had to close the mesh window and then doublé click my mesh again, after refresh the window, new morphs appeared.

the only problem i had once is that i reized my carácter up to 3 units from the original size and when i reimported mesh directly in the window, once it reimported at 1 unit size… so i closed without sabe and clicked reimport again and it did work.

Either way i would like to know how many morphs per mesh is the limit at Unreal?

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The limit is per import, as 100 as max per import. You need to export only the morphs (option export animations only) in the FBX, then you can export/import 100, then more 100 etc

pls tell me how you did it?

Don’t think there is a limit excluding memory. The boy in the kit demo uses 500 and I’ve imported over 1000 from Daz Studio using Genesis 3.

I think that with the advent of 4.19 the limit was gone, but I was based on the info which there was a limit on previous versions. I think the lift on the limit was made because of Unreal Studio and the Maya LiveLink.

I’m trying to do this from blender with no luck. Are you aware of any specific settings that need to be selected? My skeletal mesh has all the morph targets from the first time I imported, but I can’t seem to add any new morph targets.


No, I am not aware. I will try and let you know.

To be a little more consistent, which is the Blender release you are using?

Hi all.
If anyone stumbles upon this thread, here’s what works for me:

  • open your existing skeletal mesh in unreal and, in the ‘asset details’ window, make sure ‘import morph targets’ is checked (it might not have been checked when first importing the mesh)

  • reimport your character and save.

  • close and re-open your skeletal mesh and the new morph targets should be imported (the new morph targets won’t show without re-opening the mesh if you have it opened. That’s why often people - including me - think it didn’t work).


If tou check remap morph target in detail panel. And then re open skeleton mesh, it will work