Unreal 4 for CG animation

Hey guys

Sorry to be a pain asking, but can the unreal 4 engine be used to create a CG animation please? I.e a CG movie rendered in real time?
I use Blender and was just wondering re the render times etc
I wouldn’t be using unreal as a game engine but mainly for its camera and putting together sequences etc

Any info would be great, thank you.

You can use it for that, yes

cool!! thank you so much! so you can import 3d models into unreal engine, and then can you add textures in engine and also animate please?

You can do basic animation editing/adjusting inside UE4 but you will still need to use a DCC to create the animations as it will be faster and easier.

Check out the infiltrator demo on the “Learn” tab of the Unreal Launcher

Thank you. Will check it out.

DCC I.e digital content creator? Like maya or blender you mean please?
Then I can use unreal engine to render?

Yes, DCC would be something like Max, Maya or Blender. Then once you have your animation completed, you can then bring it into UE4 for rendering.

Awesome, thank you. I had a quick play with the unreal engine last night and was very impressed. Last time I downloaded unreal to make maps etc was back in the late 90’s.

Wow, that just blew me away. It’s amazing. Was very impressed I could fly the camera around in the scene and see lighting, reflections and other effects in real time.
I use Blender mainly but like Sam Deiter just said, I could do my animation in blender then bring it into UE4 for rendering.

Yeah it’s a really great demo - a lot of work in there for sure, but you can definitely use Unreal to make your movie - also check out the Sequencer (Google “Unreal Sequencer”) stuff in Unreal which is where you’d control cameras and render out your video

literally just been watching a few videos on YT re the sequencer and looks awesome! I think a combo of after effects, element 3d, blender and now UE4 and will def be able to come out with something nice :slight_smile:
thanks again for the info and tips :slight_smile:

Wow literally just been on YouTube and watched a few videos re the sequencer. Looks awesome and I think a combo of after effects, element 3D, blender and now UE4 and I hopefully will come up with something cool. Thanks again for the info and tips :slight_smile:

Another advantage of animating in UE4 with Sequencer is that there is never any royalty on pre-rendered output.

Had a play around with the sequencer and was amazed how fast it rendered and exported. Only used AVI so I guess PNG files might be slower but will experiement later.
Very, very impressed so far.

did a test exporting to PNG files and was still very very fast!