Unreal 4 Engine and other C++ IDE's and Compilers

I just started to check out Unreal 4 Engine. I have always made my own engines because years ago it was not worth the hassle of a very under powered hard to master engine with updates that broke every core function on a monthly basis well you guys get the picture.

It’s 2016 Technology and more User friendly engines have come along way. Unreal is the only engine I can think I would wan’t to get into and learn not only that it’s C++ what a concept!

Now comes my issue. I downloaded what I thought was a free version of Visual Studio 2015 awhile ago I have always used 2012 when dealing with windows. I guess VS2015 Express is not free and only has a 30 day trial.

C and C++ still compile like absolute **** on Windows always has I can’t image it has changed any bit other then updates for Windows 10 API’s. Is there any way we can use a different compiler for the Unreal 4 Engine 4.11? If not why is that?

Are we literally using VS2015 to just edit C++ code or are we actually compiling the code into a DLL for the game to use how exactly is this working?

If we are using VS2015 to completely compile the game what compiles the game in a non C++ project? Thanks for any help or answers!

You are supposed to use the VS2015 communtiy version if you do not want to play any fees. This will require you to login with a microsoft account after approx 30 days, I think. Besides the fact that you pay with your informations, its free.

Thanks I seen the 30 trial ended so I automatically assumed it was over. I logged in with a microsoft account and everything is good.