Unreal 4 crashes on build

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Above i posted my crashlog.

Wether i use a template project or a new empty build, whenever i add something to the scene like a cube and press the build button, or lighting only the engine crashes. All it says is that UE4 stopped working.

Edit: posted normal log

I added the standard log just now. With build i meant i click on the build button, either when i do a full build or light only it crashes the engine.

For this example i used a test project with just standard template link textstuff, same happens with a new clean project.

On build, you mean compile, also post standard log

Hi Randombananana,

When you get the crash are you seeing the Crash Reporter come up? If so, can you post your machine and epic ID here? This will allow me to pull up the log from your crash in our system.

If you’re not seeing this and the editor is closing without this log can you use the steps in this guide and post the results back here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Also, make sure to run your DxDiag and post the txt file you save from that here as well.

Thank you!