Unreal 4 - Converter Box Brush to Static Mesh

Hello, Good night staff;

Does anyone know how I could convert an object created with Brush (Geometry) in Static Mesh?
In Unreal 3 avia this option after creating something that was “Brush” could access the right-hand mouse the “Convert” option which enabled the option to convert it to Static Mesh …
I did not find this option in Unreal 4 in the latest version, there is another way when you do this action?

Wait, already Thankful!
Att: Claudio

I’m not at my computer right now, but in the detail editor on the right you can right click on the material and click covert to static mesh

Hi Claudio Diego,

This is still possible. It has now moved to the details panel for the BSP/Geometry brush.

Here are some images I made for another user to show the process. If you still have questions feel free to ask!

Thank you!


Edit: The last image is only necessary if you’re intending to export the newly created static mesh from Geometry to FBX.

Create Static Mesh from BSP 1.jpg

Create Static Mesh from BSP 2.png

Create Static Mesh from BSP 3.jpg

Create Static Mesh from BSP 4.png

Thank you very much Tim Hobson! It worked perfectly. thanks for the help and attention from you! Thanks also Crown! this version really gave me some headaches! xD

Thank you!

Hi Claudio Diego,

No problem! I’m glad it worked out for you!

There are a lot of things that have moved or shifted to other areas within UE4.

If you ever have a question you can always ask here or the AnswerHub and we’ll gladly help out!

Thank you!


Has it changed anything in 4.7.6? I can’t find such option.

From my check everything is still here:


Do you not see these options when you select the BSP. It’ll be under the advanced rollout arrow to see it though.

Ooop. There is an arrow to expand options :slight_smile: Thanks

thx just what I needed was following a bp course where they showed this option with rmb so I couldn’t finish it now I can continue the course great thx.