Unreal 4 as an MMO?

I started a project like this in unity with newtonian physics in mind.

The biggest issue I faced was float imprecision (you can’t replicate a moving world around origin). There is also the issue of AI and physics. It will be harder to implement than you think, without understanding and implementing things like PID-controllers, etc.
Basically, it is a lot harder than it seems, but I would still recommend UE4 for the job, due to source access mainly. And if you will keep this as a smaller scale thing server side, UE4 already have a very robust server built in.

I’am rather new to UE4 myself. however I have a fair amount of experience in scripting, modding/editors, and udk. This may sound entirely stupid but I’ve really never explored the server side of mmos (as aside from the fundamentals, my knowledge of programming and networking is little) aside from the number of connections, and the sheer amount of data to keep up with what separates a mmo server from any other game with a persistent world running on a dedicated server? say like minecraft?

while not a prime example of great way to handle server stress, Mortal Online I believe was made with ue3 but it is certainly an example of an mmo.

Instead of making an mmo why not make a minecraft meets spore space stage type game? because I think any noob coming here shouldn’t expect to make a massive multiplayer project by themselves or thinking 1000-5000 dollars will allow themselves to hire a team of programmers and artists.

Hell i’m making an fps game like doom meets unreal tournament and that is still a big undertaking for one person to program and do art for, I couldn’t imagine making an mmo by myself **** THAT.

Also imo mmo’s are kind of dead, and if your intention is to make the next wow killer and get stinking rich off that then your off to a wrong start. You can make rather simple games and still make good money.