Unreal 4 Architectural Blueprints

Hello, i need help understanding blueprints, i need to create a blueprint that changes the texture or color of my static mesh, but i want it to be that when u get near the object an interactive menu appears and u can select the color or material.

i have seen many tutorial, “solutions” but i really dont get it, im an architect so my purpose is to create an interactive scenario that u can change the color of the furniture, open doors, etc… pretty simple but i dont get the variables, whats the construction of the script, etc…

I love to see a good architectural tutorial for unreal

PD: please, dont skip any step i need it to be step by step, otherwise ill get lost.

sorry for the trouble, bad grammar or spelling cuz English is no my native language.


You are going to need to do some more research on blueprints to understand why and how things are being used.

There are a lot of tutorials for this kind of thing, probably just not only the parts you want exactly. Try looking at youtube tutorials on material instances, trigger volumes, overlap events etc.