Unreal 4.7 bird blueprint polygon explosion

I am assuming this is to be posted in bug reports section as it is something that worked fine in previous versions before sending it over to 4.7. circling birds blueprint does something very strange when ported over to 4.7, I have no idea why, how or anything like it but figured I’d post issue here.

Sceens of issue:

Hey Kuro1n,

Can you and attach 4.6 version of BP_Birds.uasset for us to look into? Thanks!

Actually I think it is from a older version than that (4.4 to be exact, it is an older project). BP for birds is taken from LandscapeMountains demo.

Either way here it is:

Hey Kuro1n,

I wasn’t able to find it, but we had a bug report back in 4.5 for this same issue. It seems converting 4.4 version of BP causes problems. If you grab a later version of LandscapeMountains project (I tested with 4.6 version) and pull BP_Birds asset from there, it will work correctly in 4.7.

Hope that helps!

Alright, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: