Unreal 4.7.4 really slow

I’ve now updated to 4.7.4 and I’m amazed how slow Unreal has become lately. My first touch to Unreal 4 was early 4.5 and it was great on my PC which has 12 gigs of ram and i7 4 core processor. Now even smallest levels loads long time. What you think, should I switch to Unity? Both Unity and Unreal are now free. Is the reason why Unreal is now laggy and slow because it is now free? I would pay for better engine than use **** for free.

You don’t have to use the latest version of Unreal, if a previous version of the engine works better for you then you can still use it. Going free has nothing to do with the performance of the engine, that only changed how you can access it.

Also, what’s your actual hardware stats? i7 processors came out 7 years ago, so you might not have a particularly powerful processor.

My CPU is Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ which was 6 months ago one of the most powerfull mobile cpu’s. Clock speed for all 4 cores can go up to 3.5 ghz and it’s less than year old design (late Haswell). 12 gigs of DDR 1600 MHz ram and 64-bit Windows 8.1 with latest updates. It took me 15 minutes to open one of the old tech demos when in 4.5 it took me 30 seconds or something. I’ve also noticed that this 4.7.4 is really slow example when placing models to grid. Sometimes it freeze. Taking HD screenshots takes 2 minutes when 4.5 it took 10 seconds. I can list like 20 “bugs” or slowdowns. It’s sad since I like Unreal a lot but cannot really do anything with it without waiting long time for every move I make. Also lot’s of errors when calculating light maps. Those errors did not come when building level in 4.5.

Unreal 4.5 was perfect, 4.6 was ok but slower than 4.5. Then again 4.7 is slower than 4.6 and much slower than 4.5. So what’s the case? Engine coming slower in every update? It should go otherway around. Very dissapointing.

same for me, the current version is almost unusable due to its slowness and crashing. 4.6 crashed randomly at almost every action, wire blueprint crash, copy/paste crash, stop PIE crash, undo crash ect ect ect. the framerate has gone from 40-60fps to <10-30 even on an empty map.
the latest version just completely locks my computer instead of crashing, so nice to work with.

incidentally, is it an asus with nvidia graphics?

How do I do that? Yesterday I started the latest 4.7.6 version but saw it is a 4 gig download. I am on satellite and have limited downloads per month (15 gig) but I am at only 1 gig left, then I have to buy more tokens for more download gigs so I cancelled the 4.7.6 download. Now, when I try to start Unreal Engine, I can’t select the previous version to use. How do I use the previous version? There is no “plus sign” next to “Unreal Engine” any longer.

Click the Library tab on the left side, then next to “Engine Versions” press “Add Versions”.

Yeah I have to add my F1 that 4.7’s performance is starting to tank. Everything is fine for the first say 15 minuets but performance gets lower and lower with each asset added so I suspect some kind of memory leak?

I did the “Add Versions” and it lets me add 4.6.1, but that’s a 3 gig download. Why did I lose the version I had 2 days ago? It looks like I’m going to have to wait until next month to download the version again.