Unreal 4.5 dash player not facing direction

Hi I am trying to make a very quick player dash, and have the player instantly snap to face the direction of the dash when it starts. Here is the blueprint I am working with.

With this the player always faces +x when it dashes. I can’t seem to figure this out. Any help would be great. I am using the 3rd person blueprint

You should probably send the Dash Vector to “Find Look At rotation” node before setting Actor Rotation. You can’t just pass the input vector directly to set actor rotation because the angles here are in degrees. The input vector being small, doesn’t rotate your character and hence you feel it is aligning to +x. (0, 0, 0 rotation is +x if you check your character blueprint)

Hi thanks for the advice. I gave it a shot and it almost worked. Here is the modified blueprint:

the dash speed is 1000, so the dash vector is being multiplied quite a bit. With this the character will only face the direction of the dash if it is -y world space but even this is rotated a bit. If he dashes +x he gets rotated -45 degrees. if he dashes +y he is rotated +45 degrees. if he dashes -x he is rotated +45 degrees.

If you add the Dash Vector to the Get Actor Location as the target for the Find Look at Rotation, the above blueprint works properly.

Here is the image of the working blueprint