Unreal 4.4 Crash on Intel HD 3000

OK, So Unreal isn’t designed to work with Intel HD 3000 graphics.** I get that. **But it just used to be slow.

Now when it does it’s automatic evaluation thing to test your graphics it crashes the driver.

But you can click on “set manually” and that’s OK.

So, yeah. Nice try. But back to the drawing board Epic! :rolleyes:

Also, I notice if you disable the grid in the editor it goes from 14FPS to about 19FPS. Why does the grid take up so much time to draw? I think it’s over designed. Simple lines would do just as well for a grid. They needn’t be rendered to look game-quality as you’d never see them in the game! (Maybe there should be a simpler grid system for low end devices).

Also, I don’t really understand why lighting takes so much FPS either? I mean why would there be such a difference between a lit sphere (8FPS) and an unlit sphere (14FPS) if it’s all done on the GPU? What is happening? If you select DirectX10 mode is it all being software rendered or something?

To complete my list of issues there is also a jitter and occasional full screen noise in the launcher and GUI of the editor.

HD 3000 is quite a popular graphics system which is on lots of laptops and MacBooks. (Both my Core i3 HP laptop and my Core i5 MacBook Air have it!)

I find it surprising that the Unreal Engine can’t even draw a simple lit sphere and a grid at more than 14FPS! If I want to make a Tappy Chicken game I want to make it on my laptop not on a custom built over clocked workstation fitted out with dual graphics cards.

I bet you could solve these issues in one day if you tried! You’re not going to win over Unity’s customer base until Unreal works well on laptops. Trust me.

On a positive note. The UMG system is looking good. (I can only get it to position itself at the top-left of the viewport at the moment though…) But at least you’re making that faster than Unity.

By the way I found an answer here. which tells you how to get about double the FPS on an Intel Graphics GPU.

So now I can get about 30FPS unlit and 25FPS lit.

See I told you it could be solved in a day! Now all Epic has to do is make sure this works first time on laptops without me having to spend several hours trying to find the answer! (Make sure you put it in full screen then restart the engine.)

BTW. This still doesn’t fix the graphics glitches in the launcher/GUI. And it still crashes if you press AUTO to set the graphics level.

But it just goes to show that it is perfectly possible to run it at about 30FPS on Intel Graphics 3000.