Unreal 4.27 Automotive test

I created this over the weekend to explore path tracing and have a quick play with the new Megascans tree assets. The car model is a free asset I downloaded from Turbosquid so props to the original creator “desmonster” for the beautifully detailed “Duesen Bayern Mystar 190 SL”

Hope you like!


Whoa, superb composition!

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Greetings @will_mundell !

So Amazing! Your screenshots are absolutely stunning! This is so realistic and so classy! The lighting is perfect! It makes me want to drop the top on that BMW and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature - to feel the breeze on my face while my hair blows in the wind! What method did you use in determining what angles and lighting would give you the best screenshots? How did you choose the scenery?

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Hey @Get_DOVAH_it apologies for the late reply!
Thank you for your comments, I played around with different HDRI maps for the lighting to see which environment map would produce the lighting results I wanted (it’s always the one you least expect that suddenly brings a whole new element to the composition! :sweat_smile:)

In terms of the camera angles, I just went with what was visually pleasing to myself, nudging the camera around whilst possessing it in the viewport until I hit on something that looked aesthetically pleasing. (I imagine from a traditional photography perspective there are all sorts of rules being broken here, and that’s something I definitely need to keep working on in future!)
I also watched one of William Faucher’s videos just before starting this project which had some great tips on creating more interesting cameras by increasing the focal length and deviating away from standard settings.

The scenery was really just an exercise in using the new Megascans tree pack to see how they would react with the pathtracer, and then adding in elements I thought would complement the kind of castle road look that started to come to life.

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