Unreal 4.26 - Sequencer - Adding camera cuts - First frames of each cut bad using movie render Que

I am rendering a level sequence which contains X amount of camera cuts. When i render the sequence out using the move render que, at the start of each camera cut the first frame is wrong ( looks like it takes the gameplay camera position or somthing like that )
Anybody know how to remove the bad first frame on the camera cuts.
I know by dragging the starting cut before frame 0 removes the bad frame for the start which is great, but I cant see how to fix the cuts.
Using 4.26, rendering jpg sequence with anti alias override to 16 samples
Any advice is greatly appreciated
Thanks a lot

if your camera cuts are sub sequences

make the cut track longer than than the cut in your master sequence

Hi thanks for the reply.
But this is not what i was talking about, as mentioned in my post i know how to fix the first frame by dragging before frame 0 as the video you sent explains.
My problem is for the camera cuts later on in the sequence, when a cut oocurs the first frame of each cuts are bad. So i was looking to solve the first frames of each cut

Thanks anyhow

yeah, I’ve done that myself, if the cameras and cut tracks that pick cameras are all in the main seq I haven’t figured out how to get all the first frame glitches out.
but if I have each camera cut as separate seq, and in the main seq that uses those separate sequences as cam cuts, I can render out the main seq with no first frame/last frame glitches.


Yeah, the first and last frames can be messed up at times since it needs -1 frame to move the camera from. I’ve also seen posessable characters or cameras have to move to get into position on the first rendered frame.

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Ok thanks for the reply, ill bare that in mind next time

you can add preroll to the characters animations clips, as well as the camera i think as well to avoid popping for somet things

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