Unreal 4.25, how to run Server listen and client like in 4.24

Hi, could not find a better forum group for this question so I hope someone will know answer to my silly question.

in unreal 4.25 there is no longer option to run a listen server and client at the same time. It’s either two listen servers or two clients.

any idea how to bring the old behavior back?

Hey did you ever find an answer for this?

Yes, just run it as Listening Server. Widnow says that they are both servers … but one of them is actually client. Iknow it’s confusing.

Hey, have you by any chance noticed any slowdown in how the client(s) connect to the listen server when you try to test like this? Ever since updating to 4.25, my client window is staring at the sky for a few seconds even though the server shows the character spawned, then it goes to the character, however for another few seconds, the client can’t control their character. It’s frustrating because it really slows down testing.

Edit: I’ve confirmed this has to be some kind of bug. I noticed that if I hit my windows key to get out of focus of both the client and server preview windows, the client gets connected much quicker.