Unreal 4.25.3 audio bug=Air absorption not working correctly?

It seems the air absorption min/max distance is somehow modulated by the “normal” spatializers min/max distance?

It seems like the absorption min distance starts when the “normal” spatializer mix distance ends? or something to that effect.
It is currently impossible for me to have the air absorption and spatializer min/max distance values to be independentat of each other. That results in weird air absorption behavier, for instance, getting very fast muffling when it shouldnt be happening (over distance).

Am I the only one getting this?

No one? Air absorption is def broken in 4.27.2 (as well as 4.25.3). It only works if I tick the “enable log freq scaling”. Otherwise I get a very abrupt freq change within a meter or so. If I tick “enable log…” the distance parameter works correctly.

I think I gave up expecting all features of the engine to work a long time ago. It’s often best to find a workaround. A lot of bits do work… :wink:

Hehe, yeah. It just suck when it worked in the past. All of the sudden the game sounds weird and you have to find workarounds. And then you update and it works again, and then stuff will sound weird again, because of your workaround :slight_smile:

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Seems to be fixed if you use this workaround: Make a custom distance curve and insert it. Not for air absorption, but for the distance.

Also maybe do the same for air absorption, but i have had luck with just doing a custom distance curve.