Unreal 4.24 Changes Diffuse to look brighter

I’ve been experiencing issues with the material editor in Unreal 4.24, When applying textures they come out a lot brighter than the original textures shows. I’ve tried to apply the same textures the same way in 4.23 and it keeps the original look. The image shows 4.23(left) and 4.24(Right) and how much brighter 4.24 is making the texture come out.


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Hello! It looks like this isn’t an issue with the texture/material but with the environment brightness of the material editor’s Preview Scene. I would try adjusting some of the settings of the Preview Scene :slight_smile:

Hello SebDevs,

I’ve tried what you have suggested about going into the Preview Scene(PS) Setting (Thank you by the way) But, I’m still getting the same results as last time. I have messed with the lighting in the PS setting and just turned off some other stuff but nothing. Its almost like when I drop in the texture to the material editor it looks like it changes the texture itself. I have taken a screen shot of what that looks like.I’ll still mess around with the setting some more to see if anything works

Thanks Again!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Are the settings in the Texture Editor the same in both engines? (Same textureGroup, sRGB, etc)