Unreal 4.24 cant import my distribution certificate

Im trying to package my project so that i can upload it to testflight, I was able to get the development build done no problem, but when putting it through transporter found out that i needed to make a distribution build, i made the distribution certificate, however when I click the IMPORT CERTIFICATE BUTTON and choose it in Finder, it just doesnt appear there. Im using Unreal 4.24.2, Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3, and XCode 11.3.1. I keep getting a code sign error everytime i try to package the distribution build and I think its because Unreal wont import my distribution certificate. Any help would be appreciated

I’m working through this as well at the moment.

What’s your code signing error?

Try to use Xcode 10.1. XCode 11 is unsupported by unreal and may cause issues

how can i go back to a previous version?

ill try it again right now and post it on here

You can install both XCode 11 and 10 simultaneously. Check my sticky at the top of this subforum for a link and instructions. I actually have XCode 11 beta building using the v10 toolchain (you need the beta to connect to iOS beta devices.)

So my own results are:

  1. All the certificates and profiles are installed
  2. Only profiles show in UE, no certs
  3. With no certs or provisions selected in UE I can build for development and it seems to sign it correctly

I’ll try a production build shortly but this seems to indicate that it’ll work even if it seems like it’s not going to. Just be sure that all of your certs are set up right on the site and have been acquired by XCode. If in doubt, start over with a new CSR and delete all of the old ones (locally and online).

Sorry im not sure what “Sticky” is refering to
I really dont think xcode is the problem though, honesstly i dont think it was ever used in my process,
I can make all the profiles, identifiers, and certificates on the developer site, I can download them and open them in keychain access
When i try to import it in unreal, theres no error message or anything, it simply does not add my distribution certificate to the list, this was not a problem with my development cerftificate, and a distribution certificate i had for an old project shows up, I dont understand why it wouldnt import? I really think thats the problem
Now a new problem just arose, I tried re-downloading my distribution certificate from their website, it sseemed to update the Provisions section to show every provision ive ever had on the computer, the on eim trying to use now says NO IDENTIFIER MATCHED

Sorry i know thats more than one issue now, but I really dont understand whats going on here?

I don’t want to repeat myself too much so I’d suggest you read my reply again. :slight_smile:

A sticky is a post that’s stuck at the top of the forum.

well, i finally got it working, for anyone else who stumbles on this, I reimported my provisioning profile EVEN THOUGH IT ALREADY SHOWED UP ON THE LIST. I then imported my distribution certificate, WHICH DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE CERTIFICATE LIST, BUT THE ENGINE WILL STILL FIND IT. After this is finished, make sure you make the app on itunes connect or else the Transporter app will give you errors that it cant find records and the bundle id is wrong

I got around to trying a distribution build, in both 4.23 and 4.24.

It turns out by default now UE hides non-valid certs. So clicking “All” showed everything, which was nice.

Still can’t import a valid cert, remove old invalid certs (they’re not in the keychain, dev site or anywhere) and still can’t package. I can’t even get an archive out of it to sign on windows. The engine is not finding the right cert.

So something is horribly broken at the moment.

i submitted a bug report to epic games and as it turns out, this is a bug with the editor…
The reason this happens, Unreal is USUALLY unable to import the newer APP STORE certificates for xcode 11, you have to use the older ones for ios…
If anyone else stumbles on this page, i made a slew of tutorials for fixing as many ios related errors as i could find, as i know this entire process is a very complicated pain in the ■■■

I’ve also managed to get a temporary workaround in place, I think I added it to my haiku post. I’ll check your video out and document it up for you if you like, cheers for doing that!