Unreal 4.24 Blueprint Landscape Brushes are 8 bit for some reason?


Having tested Unreal 4.24’s new landscape brushes it would seem that the render targets used to apply the height map to the landscape are in RGBA 8 bit format which causes stepping in the application of those height maps if the height is raised too much. I don’t know why the format is not 16 bit to allow for a much higher range in the gradient stepping between 0 and 1.

Here is a shot of the problem:

The format is defined in the Landcape Brush Manager blueprint which is part of the Landmass plugin:

I have tried duplicating this blueprint then changing the format to RGBA16f in my own version and using that blueprint within a landscape blueprint brush of my own but it will not then render to the height map render target and thus will not apply it to the landscape with a smooth transition.

Any thoughts on this issue would be welcomed.


Maybe moving it to the Rendering section would be a good idea…? I also noticed that and I wonder if that’s intentional or some kind of limitation of current design.

I met the same issue:

You can notice that the height map is really noisy:

Any update on this issue ? Or any advice? Thanks.

I Know this is old but I had the same problem when I reduced the size of my height map. try doubling the height map size in Photoshop then redoing it. my height map was 8k and came in perfectly. I rediced it to 4K and I got the exact same as you guys are showing

This is the issue, still present in UE5.
Changing the internal RT to 16bit causes it to not render at all.
This issue prevents us from creating custom brushes (with custom detailed heightmap).

Yes it’s certainly an issue. I have experienced it and been frustrated by it for well over a year. I opened UE5 thinking please let this issue be fixed :crossed_fingers: …nope :frowning:

Until 8 bit is changed to 16 or even HDR 32 then we’ll have to keep putting up with 8 bit stepping :frowning:

I find that if you do see stepping it is possible to use the Smooth brush on the landscape with the detail value changed (I think to a low value) which smooths out the stepping a little but with the disadvantage that you get rid of some heightmap detail as well.

I did have some success adding the ‘Apply to Landscape’ feature to the USurfaceMesh plugin by writing to the height data. This seemed to not experience stepping so I was happy with that result.