Unreal 4.24.3 HTML5 SetupProjectFiles can't find node or python paths

When I run SetupProjectFiles it searches for:
Those are not the versions that emsdk installed, so it couldn’t find them.

emsdk installed python 3.9.2 and node 14.15.5 so I tried installing the versions that SetupProjectFiles tried to find, I began by installing python 3.7.4 by running the command ./emsdk install python.3.7.4 which worked. But when I try to install node by ./emsdk install node-12.18.1-64bit it says: tool or sdk not found. Manually installing the node version in the path by using a installer didn’t update in the HTML5Setup but I still managed to build everything and come as far as packaging HTML5, however when it tries to package it gives me this error (and a lot more): emcc: error: The temporary directory error_temp_dir_not_found does not exist! Please make sure that the path is correct.

The two possible solutions I’m thinking about is to either install node-12.18.1 and somehow get HTML5Setup to include that path, or change the path for SetupProjectFiles so it finds the versions that HTML5Setup made (python 3.9.2 and node 14.15.5). How do I install node-12.18.1 or change the path that SetupProjectFiles are searching for? Or is there something else that I could do?