Unreal 4.23.1 Crashes on Project Load

I am working on a project for a client and came across this awful problem.

The engine is crashing because a specific blueprint… is there any way to save this blueprint? I changed a vector variable to be a struct and it crashed on me. And now when I open the project it keeps crashing… I know the function and the node that is causing the crash but I can’t open the blueprint to get rid of it!

Honestly very disappointed as I feel as though the engine should have a safe guard for this. Is there a way to open the blueprint editor without opening up the engine? If not there really needs to be this feature because I know what I did wrong and I cannot fix it.

please any help would be great, ASAP.

That sort of safeguard definitely needs to be in the engine. You could attempt to search for it in the project’s folders, and delete the blueprint. But that upends the possibility of correcting it and learning quicker.

There should some auto-saves of the project content. You can try to remove the broken asset (the BP causing the issue) via file browser and then open the editor again. Depending on how recent the problem area was created in regard to the crash, you could start with the most recent version (chances are it will be identical or nearly identical) or with hopes of having multiple auto-save versions, you would start by going back to a later save; the steps to start with is by making a copy of the auto-save file and moving it over to the original directory\path (either overwrite or if its already been removed then just paste) and followed with trying to open the editor again. If it fails, simply repeat the steps going with an earlier version of the auto-saved file each time.

Default UE4 Project Directory


Default UE4 Project Auto-save Directory


I deteled the whole saved folder and the project still ended up crashing. I just deleted the file itself and my project opened. I remake that blueprint which originally took me a while. But it was much easier the second time around. Thank you guys for the help!