UNREAL 4.22 - Videos affected by FPS, what can i do?

Hi, my intro video (24mb/ precashed) loads in an empty level at 60 FPS; but if i play the same video in a real level with all assets, player, etc, it starts with a hudge FPS drop, as low as 15 FPS or less, and now the same video plays in super slow motion, and i don´t understand why, since videos are not content like meshes with thousands of poligons, videos should play without actual game fps from causing them to play slow, i even tried to pause game at same time a video plays, but video keeps playing slow.

What can i do to avoid the game from dropping media video´s FPS?

Nope, i have not… This Media way to show videos on screen, i think Epic needs to work it a bit, its too complicated to such easy task, you only need a master video player, where you simply add videos and use a node to pick one and play full screen from there, instead of using textures through widgets plus media…

For now i´m trying to use the sequencer a bit more… but quality is of course going to be lower than using a Maya video clip… Sad :frowning:

Have you fixed the problem?

novels the office

Nop… I just stoped using videos and used the sequencer