UNREAL 4.21 - How to teleport any character or pawn that overlaps a teleporter?

Hi, every tutorial i have found, casts main player as reference to teleport once it crosses an overlap… But… i also want all my Ai Characters to be teleported and i have a lot of AI types, for that reason i need to create a teleporter that can work with every single character or pawn that overlaps it, not only specific characters by using cast, but how can i do this?

Please help with BP images, thanks

Hey, all you have to do is to take the Overlap result and use the “Other Actor” and pass that into the teleport function.

You can also use the failed node to check for another type.

This method is probably more simple, however you could look at having the overlap only check for specific types, and then have the objects you want to teleport when hit to have the specific collision object type.

I made a brief tutorial over here that you can check out:

Hope it solves your problem!

Thank you very much!