UNREAL 4.21 - Get Player Character node, not working while in possesion of another character, why?

Hi, i created a BP actor that follows main character (player) after it overlaps, it uses “get player character” node to find out current player location all the time,

The problem is that i have 2 characters, main character A and possesed character B, when A posseses B, “get player character” node, stops working, maybe because index is still 0 and BP keeps thinking A is 0; how can i change in-game “get player character” index value from 0 to 1 when i change to character B…and most important: how can i define who is index 0 and who is index 1? not sure how to use index really.

Please help.

show some screenshots ?

is get player character connected to a cast to node?

get actor location better

i dont understand the need of get player character but maybe there is a reason