UNREAL 4.18 to UE 4.19, How to open projects or migrate them into UE 4.19?

Hi, i´m new to Epic and I use UE 4.18, my first engine, and now i downloaded UE 4.19, but i have no idea on how to i open or load my 4.18 projects with UE 4.19? do i have to migrate each file, how it Works?

Is there a youtube video tutorial?
Should i worry that some of my files or BP´s could get corrupted by UE 4.19?

Please help, Thanks

Right click on your uproject and press Switch Unreal Engine Version, it should prompt you to choose any available version. If you have any C++ code in your project, it will prompt you to rebuild the binaries for it once you open your project again.

where do you see the option switch engine version , if I right click I only have ,open , show in folder,create shortcut,clone , and delete.

Hi, i also could not understand… so i google this “switch” option and i found this awesome video tutorial, so i share here my solution: