Unreal 4.12.5 Project don't open,Leval don't open

i copy error information ,please help me! think you,

Hello VincentJun,

Is this from trying to open a new project? If not, are you able to open fresh projects? What happened previously with this project that caused this to happen? Did you convert from an earlier version of the engine or add anything to the project that caused this to occur? Also, are you using a Source built version of the editor from Github or did you download the Binary version from the Epic Games Launcher?

i can open new project ,this project is my copy from other computer,i want package ,but when i onclick this project loading to 95% this project immediate crash。。。

What happened prior to you experiencing this crash? Did you convert it from a previous version or did you make some kind of change that could be causing this?

i did not do anything operation,Unreal version is the same

So the project just randomly started crashing? You hadn’t done anything prior to it crashing that may of caused it?

i think should miss a part file now always crash,but i can copy content below file to new project ,at this time some level onclick will be crash,maybe this level effect?

From looking at the callstack, it seems like it may be related to a particular StaticMesh that you have rather than the entire level, as the functions in the callstack are referring to loading a StaticMesh. Were there any new assets that you added before the crash occurred? You can try removing them from your project temporarily.

The level have reference ,if don’t open there are other way to repair the wrong level? each level is importent.or i send project to you ,help me hava a look…

You could try sending the project to me, so I could take a look. Please try uploading it to a third party hosting site and provide a link to download it. You can either post the link here or send it to me through a private message on our forums. If you need to make it smaller, the only folders that should matter (you may not have all of these) are Content, Config, and Source, along with the uproject file.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, VincentJun. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you provide the project in question so that I can take a look at the issue myself? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.