Unreal 4 12.5 Bug - Invisible Editor Menu etc.


I spent the entire day trying to fix this issue that happened in the last few days with the new update on W10.

Im using the Unreal 12.5 because I’m continuing a work I was doing last year and I don’t want to risk my progress by updating it, so I’m stuck with this version until i can finish it. But, how can i finish it, if all the menus are invisible? They work but I cant see any of the menus available so i have to guess everything, or find other ways to use the options i need.

I already verified if the version is normal, and also changed the executed version of Unreal but it still didn’t worked. I found some older posts in other forums saying a few stuff about the problem, but their recommendations are to change some directory in the windows and stuff like that, which im not a very big dan of changing.

Anyways, if someone could help me with this issue I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much for the attention.

Try posting your experience here

I dont know how Epix can fix this, without rolling out a patch for all previous engine versions.