Unreal 4.11 Light Built & Map Check error


I just have download Unreal Engine 4.11 recently… (That’s most I’m look forward light Portal)

So when I’m click button UE4.11 launch to open and chose click my 3D modelling where I used this file from UE 4.10.4 version. I’ve look up Message log -“Map Check” have show 367 error due to too long filename [Externally Referenced]. But I don’t have problem use on UE 4.10.4 has no error on Map Check list but now UE 4.11 got error? What I’ve done wrong or Is this small bugs?

See my screenshot here:-


Try to remove the folders /Saved and /Intermediate in the 4.11 created project copy folder (With the editor closed) and then open another time and try if now got warnings.

i have same problem. to solve this, please try to rename your project…good lock

Yes - it is probably the issue where you need to exit ue - rename project folder - open it in ue - then you can exit and rename it back if you want.

I know that sounds crazy - but it fixes the issue