Unreal 4.11 and xbox 360 kinect with microsoft adapter

Hi i am currently making a project using unreal , and an xbox 360 kinect V1

my problem is that the kinect4unreal is a V2 version , also one of my problems is that my version of unreal is 4.11 is there any way for me to develop using this or is there any way to hook it up into my unreal , i mean the kinect 360 for xbox , using the adapter, i have already tested the kinect and the sample projects and its working properly now my question is that i want to make some projects using unreal , and the kinect but how do i go about and doing this, as the kinect4unreal is V2 , and mine is v1 so that is one of my major issue , as i cant get a V2 , the V1 is already hard enought to get even the adapter into my country any help is greatly appreciated and thanks!

also i wanted to push to in using visual scripting if possible , as some of my group mates are artist , so they have some problem with coding , but if i can help them using visual scripting with there work , that would also help load , and thanks again!ki

search in Github. with a quick search I could find this GitHub - AleDel/KinectXbox360-UE4: kinect Xbox 360 sdk 1.8 Plugin for Unreal Engine 4