Unreal 4.10 Perforce Errors

Hey guys,

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I have been having issues with Unreal being able to connect to our perforce cloud server instance. Using P4V, I am able to connect to our server just fine, however when I point Unreal to the same server, it is unable to actually detect any valid workspaces. I am using the exact same server address in P4V as I am in Unreal, so I am not sure why it is unable to detect my workspace. Currently I have attempted to start a brand new project within my workspace, along with loading a pre-existing Unreal project from the depot.

I would appreciate any assistance getting Perforce working within the Unreal editor. Thanks!


There is a discussion in the Main release 4.10 Thread on this. It’s a but inside 4.10 that do not properly handle perforce ssl.
There is a ID for this bug.

You can answer back on the thread to tell your interest in a fix for this.