Unreal 4.10 on Intel HD 530

Hi there,
Its my first post. I was wondring if the “Intel HD 530” would be suitable to run unreal games or is it too under powered? Currently my test game is running at 17-18 fps with minimum settings and little props/objects. Its a 3rd person game in an open world. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Maybe do lots of little levels? I have a similar problem with no props (just the borders, floor, and several mannequins on startup), but I have a HUGE level.

Hello, i’m also interested how the HD 530 would perform in the editor environment. In your question it’s not clear if you have the HD 530 now or are you planning to upgrade to it? If you do have it now or when you finally get it i would greatly appreciate if you gave the specific CPU model for reference. Cheers !