Unrea Engine and Touch tables, anyone doing it?

hi friends, I have a new client who wants his presentation to be compatible with a touch table. In the past I have done such work with Unity+tuio for my windows platform. but browsing the forum i couldnt find any example of such a project. yes i read the windows touch and unreal integration topic which is still a few builds away but no definite answer for any other way to make touch inputs work with Unreal, I am flexible with the hardware i will purchase. so any suggestions?

Without the upcoming Windows Touch integration you can still use touch but it will come in as mouse clicks–that means you wouldn’t be able to do multi-touch but you could do regular clicks if that works for what you want to do. If you know a C++ programmer then you could make your own integration for multi-touch but otherwise you will have to wait until the 4.14 release like they said which will have support for Windows multi-touch. At where I work we do a lot of touch screen stuff, but we use either UDK which we added our own multi-touch solution or we use Unity which has some stuff in their asset store.

Thanks a lot darthviper107 for help, so i guess i have to wait, or just simulate mouse click and use on screen joystick to navigate around. :frowning:

There’s ways to do movement without multi-touch. The only thing I use multi-touch for is Zoom and rotating an object, you might not need those features. For instance if you want to move forward you can hold down and then after a moment it can change to Movement and allow you to move your finger up to move forward.

yes i suppose long press could be a long click to move forward. for some odd reasons even though its easier to navigate with a virtual joystick the clients want a multi touch navigation the moment they are told that its not possible to do it.