Unprotected: Deep Below

“Deep down, no one can hear your screams”

Hello Everyone!

I just recently created another scene.
This one is a bit different that my last three.

First, its a more modern environment, focusing less on fantastical caves and deadly caverns. I also, added some custom assets to this scene. Now, I’m not going to lie I’m not a modeller. My niche is game design (idea-wise and level-wise), but I figured I needed a refresher course in the modelling/texturing portion of development since I haven’t done (failed) at it for a while. Anyway, I created some custom pillar textures and custom wall assets/textures.


Feedback is always welcome.
Thanks for viewing!

  • Jason Forrester


These look great (as well as your others.) Just one request/suggestion. These are tiny images! Like 600x400. Is that the size you’re actually running/rendering at? I’d love to see these (and your other posts) in a bigger format, like 2560x1440, or 1080p at the very least. If it’s a restriction of the host you’re using, I’d suggest an alternative (my favorite free host is


Yeah I know, I actually made them this small because Postimage isn’t allowing me to go any bigger, they keep gimping me on the size.
I tried doing it at 1920 x 1080 and they just keeping telling me my “file size limit has been reached” which is really annoying.

I’ll try revising this with some images form imgur.

Update: I just edited the post with links to the images posted on imgur.
I put it up at 1920 x 1080 for now.

Thanks for the suggestion Madison!

~ Jason

For this scene there is some details that bugs me, mainly the lights. There is a light at the base of the thing that make the spark, this one is good. But, at the ground there is a tiny lighting spot in front of the sparkler thing, so I assume that each spark is lighting a bit, but when you look at the other spark, there is no lighting.

And there is also a little fire without a light too. And finally in the background there is a light wich diffuse no lights.

I guess I would have used one light for the spark which illuminate both the ceiling and the ground.

Another critics would be that it feels a little too empty. Maybe some more props (broken light, pillars, crates, etc…) or dust particles.

And here I conclude my rather negative feedback, I hope it is informative :smiley:

Howdy Jason,

Nice work on the scene! Really like the creepy atmosphere that you are going for. Just a quick question for you. I believe that you have placed the same photo twice by accident. I am seeing the same photo when clicking on both links. Anyways, Keep up the great work!

Hey, negative feedback is never welcome.
Just kidding!

I actually see what you mean looking at it again, the funny thing is I actually have pillars and props in…well the blackness :D.
See, I illuminated a ton of areas, but when I rendered it out it just ruined the atmosphere which was the key point.
If anything I’ll add a few extra things to it (burst pipe, dust, etc.) just to spruce it up.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Sean!

Honestly, the second image was just had a larger spark effect, but its really not needed…

Thanks for viewing!