Unpredictable Collisions

I am working on a project in which I would like to simulate raking leaves (crazy, right?). I imported a modified plane mesh from Blender for the leaves. When a cube collides with a leaf, it flies away. How can I “dampen” this collision? Each leaf has a simple collision box. I experimented with the linear and angle damping, the world gravity, density within a physics material…and can’t seem to get a decent result. I have just started working with UE and I expect there is a simple answer. I just can’t find it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here’s an example of the collisions: - YouTube

Hi! In fact I want only to say, that this looks cool even now ^^

I would like to simulate raking leaves
(crazy, right?)

Aye, quite!

Have a look at Depenetration setting:

It dictates how quickly intersecting geometries get ejected from one another - low values eject sluggishly. When physic objects are placed in awkward positions where they have nowhere to go, it often causes them to shoot out uncontrollably as the aggressive depenetration setting kicks in.

Start with a value of 10 (or thereabout) and keep increasing it gradually until you find a balance where the leaves no longer get stuck too much into geometry but no longer shoot out like crazy.

As an example:

This is how Max Depenetration Velocity of just 5 behaves.

When it comes to to the actual movement, how are you moving the rake itself atm? I feel like a movement component would give you a much smoother result. You’re not using one atm, are you?

Thank you!! I’m very frustrated today and some kind words are going a long way. Very much appreciated!

I second that! That’s one of the more original ideas I’ve seen in quite some time…

Cue the choir. - YouTube

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time!

As far as movement, I am moving a pawn with mouse clicks (Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel). Ultimately, this is intended for tablet and touch control. The back story is that I am making an activity–not so much a game–for someone who is cognitively impaired. My aim is to distill the UI to its simplest form. In other words, see the thing, touch the thing. I made the mistake of turning on physics simulation and gravity. Also I needed to customize the collision so the line trace under the cursor stopped reading the leaves. That was what caused the jitter. Now I’m working on getting the pawn (rake) to orient to the direction of the movement. Thanks again!