unprecise local locations

So the locations of my actors has these relative locations as example: x=0, y=322,999969 z=256, when I set the relative location to x=0, y=324 and z=265.
They can thoe have the location x=0, y=0 and z=0.
This hurts my blueprint, which needs exact locations to work.
Why does this happen? And what can i do to against it? (can not world locations).

As far as I know, the slight changes, such as 323 to 322.999969, are simply due to floating point errors.

thank you, but what can i do to against it?

Nothing, what you described happens in every game engine.

So this should not work, but making a empty actor and then just dragging, dropping and wupti, the locations can now be accurate. Problem solved, but why?

It works sometimes when the actor snaps in the editor grid coordinates, meaning whenever you try to drag or rotate in the editor the values might end up like that. Check this page (…s-programming/) for a little explanation and the presentation for a floating-point library (in this case he uses the example for real money, but applies to your issue too) which if you want to, you can grab the engine source code and switch the current floating-pont by this one. Be advised that FP16 is used in several engines just because it is faster to deal with than FP32 or other numerical formats.

Will do.
Thank you very much.

Here is a better solution for people whit similar problems.:
break the vector, use “round”, then make the vector again.
eksample: x=0,9999 wil be x=1…ssion-solution

This was my solution when I had this problem long time ago. Just convert the text to float after the node. :wink: