Unpossessing an actor freezes its physics?

I have searched for this problem quite extensively and could not find an answer, so this is my first time asking a question on this forum.

I am currently creating a local-multiplayer turn-based project using the Side Scroller Example as a base (i.e. using the SideScrollerCharacter BP along with my own BP configurations). I am handling each player turn by possessing the next player’s character at the end of the current player’s turn, and this works well except for the problem that it seems like all physics on the current player’s character is frozen as I possess the next character.

For example, if I were to jump right as my turn ended, my character would be stuck in his position at the end of the turn, with the SideScrollerCharacter’s falling animation repeatedly looping as it is constantly in mid-air. Is there anyway to not have the actor’s physics frozen as I unpossess the current player’s character before moving onto the next? (technically I do not use the unpossess blueprint, I just possess the next character without unpossessing and using unpossess doesn’t seem to solve the problem)

Thank you!

Not at the comp to test but i think you need to spawn an AIController and assign it at the beginning… maybe? I think the problem is it has no controller essentially.